About Us


Narender Singh & Co.


Turning space to perfection Interior design is the art and science of understanding human behaviors’ to turn a space into a good space that looks attractive lovely. It requires engineering minds who have enough knowledge about the architects, designs, lots of creativity, and an understanding of human behaviors’ to be let out in your homes. More than just natural knowledge that cannot be gained by books it demands applied art. NSC interior designers acknowledge your ideas and simply frame them into attractive designs that show your personality and taste in colors’, design, and structures. We understand, we think, we do, and turn your imagination into reality. We acknowledge the value of money that’s why we understand and provide services at affordable rates. Exclusive designs are produced with the hard work of the profession, imagination, and creation with experience. Our huge knowledge and support are our pillars to make everything possible


We at NSC (Narender Singh & Co) believe every structure to be different and treat them accordingly. The idea is to arrive at such a system, which gives the safest and most economical system maintaining the concept of the client vision. We believe that Architecture and Interiors are not just following the codes of practice but applying fundamental laws of nature while analyzing. We undertake original and proof consultancy, design practices conforming to standards and specified codes, and adopt the latest techniques and software for analysis and design. Last but not least ‘Time Is the Essence of Our Work’.

During this entire exercise of catering to the standard codes of practices, fundamentals of engineering and architecture, and seeking the optimal solution, the client’s requirements are kept. But the stability of structure and economy is our main aim.

Good Teamwork

Good teamwork between clients, other consultants, appropriate Authorities and contractors is a hallmark of NSC(Narender Singh & Co)’s work. This can minimize delays, promote efficient and harmonious relations, and thereby reduces costs.

Close Client Contact

We welcome client participation in both the design and construction phases of the project. It is our policy to keep our clients well informed at all times and to seek input in the decision-making process. We understand the importance of letting the client know where money is being spent. Minimizing delays by promptly presenting options and initiating solutions to problems all contribute to keeping the client involved and informed of progress.


All of our designers and other technical staff have extensive experience in development projects. We know the industry and the importance of getting it right first time. Every project is under the direct supervision of a Company.

Realistic Solutions

NSC (Narender Singh & Co) understands the importance of a practical and realistic approach to project development. We are cost conscious and fully appreciate the financial implication of every project.


Since our inception in 2003, we have worked to develop and fine-tune a highly automated, but creatively charged environment that allows us to continually improve our design processes while providing exceptional results. We combine our creative working environment with a sophisticated electronic workflow to achieve a balance of automation and imagination that we feel is second to none.

Our Computer Systems Compatible with Other Consultants

We possess a comprehensive range of computer design and drafting aids enabling us to match all software to other consultants. This maximizes the speed of transfer of information, minimizes delays, and saves time.

Experienced Supervision

We only use experienced staff for important site supervision duties and contract administration. This helps ensure prompt action on-site to deliver the right advice to conquer any problem.

Quality Assurance

NSC(Narender Singh & Co) is committed to the principles and practices of quality assurance. A thorough checking procedure is in place throughout every project.