Who We Are

Narender Singh & Co. That's who we are.

Who We Are

NSC Interior Designers is a group of fine architects, engineers, and supportive staff to turn your places into perfections. Our dedicated team members are excited about designing. our architects acknowledge your needs and are always prepared with their skills to turn your space into an attractive stay. We are not limited to home only we provide services to towering Buildings, Nursing homes, Contractors, Commercial organizations, Industries, Institutions, and more. Our company is always ready to work anywhere across India, as a responsible citizen and interior designer we found that we do for you and respect your choices. We follow it as a passion rather than a profession that makes our team work smoothly and do it with more fun. We are always ready with our creativity to turn your places into attractive perfection to increase your confidence at your place. Till today, we have designed various projects like site conditions, client requirements, and architecture. We are all set to do anything instead of being limited to some majors. We believe designs are just outline of your choices & tastes. It feels interesting when you find the environment in your favor’s and feel more relaxed and happier.

What We Do

NSC Interior is a company where you will find various services that fulfil your requirements in this field. Our viewpoint is to make our clients happy with our services and we have them from everywhere as contractors, developers, governmental organization, industries, and institutions. We have knowledge in the design of buildings, renovation, evaluation, and repair of existing organizations. NSC always tries to best in their profession and as a good citizen close in services in all matters whether it’s a limited project of repairing and renovation or it’s complex project designing commercial spaces, any repair and renovation complex buildings. For NSC our client’s happiness matters to us. So, whatever we do- we do it for our clients, their satisfaction is our recognition.

Why It Matters


In the era of the modern world we understand the effect of constructing and designing your space it’s always a mirror to your personality or opinions. So, we want everything you want to seem easy and perfect. our large knowledge and support are our pillars to make everything possible. Our customer’s trust is our priority & their satisfaction is our responsibility. Narender Singh and Co. believes that our clients deserve the best for which our large knowledge always tries to satisfy their clients with the best quality designs. We provide services in both residential and commercial sectors. Our services are affordable and always complete within a given time by others. We respect that client always looking for technical skill, engineering excellence, solutions to problems, and a good understanding and communication between two. We know quality matters and results are always visible in our work and our quality of having fun, comfort, and constancy while working will fulfil your requirements. We covered up all the qualities, designs, intelligence, flexibility to modify, technological sense, and best architect skills in the style of your space. These qualities are our policies, we serve our clients which makes us set apart and that’s how we work and that’s why it matters. Hire the best interior designer in Delhi Our amazing transformative journey and our experience speak, why Narender Singh & co. is the best interior designer in Delhi. Our creative, attractive designs, concern, and fair choice of furniture stand us different from others.