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Professional construction project management is a super fine-tuned system designed to facilitate planning, coordination, and control of a project from the early stages all the way to project closeout and completion. Qualified construction managers use specialized project management techniques to orchestrate a project’s schedule, costs, and quality. And orchestrate it is.
Imagine that you’re underwriting a concert. You have an orchestra and a conductor in mind, a dream program, you know who you want to invite, and you expect flawless execution. But have you thought about all the details? Choice of venue, dates, flying your favorite cellist in from Hungary, personnel, permits, paperwork, rehearsals, unions, sound engineers, media, concert program printing, lighting, the piano tuner, ushers, caterers, etc.? Maybe not. In terms of putting on a dream concert, someone has to manage all that. And in the world of building a complex construction project, of overseeing the big picture and fine-tuning the details, orchestrating everything is precisely what your construction management team does.

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